I wrote this half a lifetime ago as a reminder to myself to stay present, but I feel like I need this reminder now more than ever.  There is so much occupying my mental bandwidth these days that it’s easy to get wrapped up in my own head and forget to experience life’s beauty.  I need to breathe through the pain, which is part of that beauty, and not get fixated on it to the point where it clouds my reality.  One step forward at a time, while grounded and mindful of each step, and soon you’ve run a hundred miles and into a new world.

A divine dance of green leaf-light

Awakened by the evening’s glow

Forever lost to narrowed sight

This contrived night

A thought’s shadow


My footfalls fall upon deaf ears

My mind consumed by fallen tears

Claim nature’s pace as my birthright

And dissolve these implanted fears


Though lesson’s learned I can’t explore

Results of this philosophy 

For habits burned into my core

Prevent no more

Than words from me


But words are seeds that carry hope

And soon forgotten roots will grope 

Through cracks in future present’s door

To witness life and I elope


For on that special wedding day

Without my stubborn past’s consent

Each sounding step will lead the way

To feel the play

Of each moment



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